Playing Online Slots

At online casinos slots is one of the most played games. You maybe wondering if there is a good strategy for playing online slots. I have had the best luck play slots whether it be online or in a landbased casino by not leaving a machine that is hitting. Of course this depends on how big the hit was originally. First you need to find a machine that is paying instead of eating your money. It can take awhile to hit a larger jackpot but if the machine is giving and taking that is a pretty good sign it will eventually give quite a bit. If your playing a slots game that is not paying at all and no matter how much you put in it just keeps taking it might be best to leave the slot machine.

Many think it has to payout soon and try chasing back what they have lost, which could lead to a lot more in losses. Yes the it will payout eventually but it might be days or months before this happens, but when it does it will be pretty good. One of the biggest mistakes gamblers make is trying to get back what they have lost by putting more money in. I have seen some people really lose a lot of money this way. I have also seen many that have missed out on some big wins by walking away from a machine that is paying. One thing to remember is that in many cases the slots game will continue to hit for a awhile, it may take back what you had first won but then the next hit could be much larger. I have personally done quite well by staying at a slots game after it paid out and hit many jackpots on the same machine.

I have also had very large wins online which seems to come in a winning streak, meaning that many of the games are paying out within the casino. My largest winning streak landed me 165k within a 24 hour period. This was not all in one win but wins on many of the different slot games. If you want to try out the casinos I recommend you visit “free casino slots” where they list some pretty great offers the casinos have where you don’t need to make a purchase to collect some coins to play with. You can win on these type of bonuses and some do allow play on progressive slots where you have a chance to collect very high amounts.